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Introducing Rebel Nell

These amazing ladies founded a business
creating defiant jewelry with a purpose.

Here’s how we helped them


Grey Label Group

Discover What Makes Us Different

The Grey Label Group provides innovative and impacting
branding and strategic services for emerging businesses.
Based on a virtual agency model, Grey Label Group is a full service shop that creates bespoke teams of freelance professionals to individually address a wide variety of creative needs.


We’ll help you develop and position your brand with radically fresh thinking, transparency, and accessibility.


Tapping into a vast network of freelance talent, we’re conduits for creativity.


We’ll identify the tools your business needs for success and work to put them in your hands.



Meredith C. Kerekes

10+ yrs building brands and coaching startups. 2012 Crain’s Detroit Business 40 Under 40. Designer of process, order and plans.
Learn more about me here.

Meredith C. Kerekes

Left brain of GLG. Devil’s advocate.
Embracer of change. Bon vivant.

Stephen Roginson

Entrepreneur at heart, 15+ years brand building experience: CPG to music industry, start-up to Fortune 50. 
Learn more about me here.

Stephen Roginson

Right brain of GLG. Beer dork.
Music dork. Proud papa.

Service Breakdown

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Strategy

Customers, advocates and influencers – what they want and how to reach them. We’ll help you do it. 

Everything that is visually and verbally associated with your brand – the language, personality, look, feel, website and more.

How to structure your business and strategy focusing on sales and brand. Start here. 


When you don’t know what you believe, everything becomes an argument. Everything is debatable. But when you stand for something, decisions are obvious.

― Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, ReWork

Our Work

Brand Strategy + Positioning

– Brand architecture
– Brand positioning
– Innovation & new concept development
– Strategic partnerships & joint ventures
– New market strategy

Research + Insights

– Brand DNA test
– Consumer insights
– Customer segmentation
– Brand valuation

Naming + Verbal Branding

– Brand dictionary
– Brand voice & messaging
– Tagline & boilerplate development

Brand Identity + Design

– Logo development
– Packaging design
– Branded environment

Digital + Social Media

– Website development
– User experience
– Social media strategy
– Digital branding & marketing



If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe.

– Abraham Lincoln

Our Portfolio

Rebel Nell
Batch Brewing Company
TechTown Detroit

Do what you do so well, that they will want to see again, and bring their friend.

– Walt Disney


Grey Label Group


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